Earn money sharing your images. We pay up to $5.25 per 1000 image views.
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Affiliate Program

Earn Money Sharing Your Images

With imgDepot, earning money is super simple, fast and reliable. Upload your images and post the imgDepot links on your website, forums, blogs, social networks, etc to get views and earn money on our affiliate program!

Group Countries Volume-Based Rates (Total Number of Daily Unique Views)
Basic 500+ 1,000+ 2,000+ 5,000+ 10,000+
A Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States $3.50 $3.85 $4.20 $4.55 $4.90 $5.25
B Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland $1.00 $1.10 $1.20 $1.30 $1.40 $1.50
C Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine $0.20 $0.22 $0.24 $0.26 $0.28 $0.30
D All Others $0.10 $0.11 $0.12 $0.13 $0.14 $0.15
1. All rates are for 1000 unique views of your images.
2. Your earning amount is calculated on daily basis, and the rate may differ everyday depending on your traffic.

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Rules and Conditions:

  • No Limits! Upload any amount of images.
  • Earn up to $5.25 USD per 1000 views of your images.
  • Invite your friends and earn 10% of their earnings FOR LIFE!
  • We ALLOW adult content, as long as it does not infringe our TOS.
  • We pay for ALL COUNTRIES, unique IP is counted once per 24 hours.
  • Minimum payout is $5.00 USD.
  • Payouts within 2 business days.
  • We support many methods of payment! (PayPal, Payza, etc.)

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